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Electronic technology is now easily available as a “force multiplier” for legal practitioners, enabling new approaches to the provision of legal services. Regardless of the size of practice, the contemporary practitioner cannot afford to be without some basic elements of an eCommerce strategy. Further, for those  interested in a fulsome approach to service delivery premised on  eCommerce, it is important that key questions of compliance and risk minimization be adequately addressed.

A Sampling Of Issues Addressed:

. An introduction to the comprehensively virtual law firm model

. An introduction to the comprehensively dispersed law firm model

. Cloud lawyering and compliance

. Successful social media strategies for lawyers

. Contractual and regulatory considerations regarding virtual

and dispersed lawyering

. Law practice marketing on the internet

A Sampling Of Who Attended:

. Lawyers interested in eCommerce options, including virtual

or dispersed legal practices

. In-house counsel interested in exploring the integration or

augmentation of corporate and organizational processes with

virtual or dispersed legal services

. Legal industry entrepreneurs


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eCommerce and the Practice of Law: Options for Providing Virtual and Dispersed Legal Services in Canada



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This program is composed of conference materials in PDF format as well as 5.50 hours of recorded video. The 5.50 hours are accredited by the LSUC for New Member CPD Hours as well as the 3.00 Professionalism Hours required of experienced members. The total number of claimable professionalism and substantive credit hours depends on simultaneous group viewing & study arrangements.